Get to Know about Where Do Elephants Live

You must have known what elephants are, right? Certainly your mind suddenly thinks of big animals with a long trunk and very wide ears. Yet, do you know where do elephants live? Probably you have seen them in the zoo with their amazing performances, but actually elephants have their original habitat. Where do elephants live then?

Elephant Habitat

Where do elephants live? Let us find out the answer. Elephant population is very limited and almost extinct because in this world, these big animals with dark grey bodies just live in two continents: Africa and Asia. In Africa, elephants have been known as African elephants, in which the name is taken from the place where they live “Africa”. African elephant population spreads widely in 36 African countries. The famous species of African elephants are Savanna elephants and Forest elephants. The first species, savanna elephants live in grasslands and marshes. They are also often found having a habitat in the territory near the lake. Among the three habitats: grasslands, marshes, and lake, grasslands are the place where African elephants mostly live and gather. That is why they are called as Savanna elephants.

Another species of elephants is Asian elephants. As seen in their appearance and physical condition, there are slight differences. Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants do, which are larger. Asian elephants, which are more popular as Indian elephants, live in 11 countries including India and Indonesia. Where do elephants live? They mostly stay in the forest and grassland. Yet, their living depends on the region they live whether it supplies much food for them or not. In Indonesia, the famous elephants come from Sumatera. Related to the region they come, thus they are called Sumatran elephants. They also like to live like others species of elephants, which are in forests or jungles.

Elephant Food

After knowing the answer of where do elephants live, the next question that might appear is what do elephants eat? Like other animals, elephants also have a survival sense of protecting themselves by having a range of foods to eat. The animals, which are categorized as mammals, eat around 140-270 kgs or similar to 300-600lbs of their food supply every day. Since they are included as herbivores, they definitely do not eat meat. Therefore, their food is any kinds of grass, which are easily found in forests and jungles. Grasses, as their main food are consumed a half of their daily food intake. Another food supply comes from leaves, roots, seeds, fruits, bamboo and flowers.

On the other hand, the animals have a poor digestive system so that they only digest around 40 % of their whole food which is eaten every single day. That is why these big mammals eat a lot of foods that are used for their energy supplies, vitamins and nutrition they need for their health. Here, we have known completely about where do elephants live and what do elephants eat. So, you can start learning other information about elephants.


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