Get the Answer of Where Does Elephant Live

For most people that might not give further attention to elephants especially about where do elephants live, they will find it as a big question they need to answer. If you are one of those people that are quite curious about the living place of elephants, there will be more information that you need to know to find out more about specific place in which elephants live. In general, elephants are found living in various places from savanna to forest. Those locations include grassland which will also be one of the living areas of elephants. Following are more about elephants which will also reveal the fact of elephant.

Knowing More about Elephant Living Area

In order to find further answer about elephants and where do elephants live, you might need to know elephants better since they are distinguished according to where they live. You will find that there will be several different locations such as savanna and forest. Since those locations have quite different characteristics, the elephants that live in those different locations will be quite different in their specific characteristics such as their height and the other parts of their body that adapts to their living areas. The two big areas that are known as the origin of elephants are Asia and Africa, with Africa as the one in which the most elephant found.

Each of those types of elephant will let you have quite similar characteristics which will also tell you more about where do elephants live. In Asia and Africa, those elephants are found mostly in the field that is caused by the hunt of the ancestors that make the elephants run away to the field. Furthermore, specific in which found elephants the most are Africa and India. Those are the areas in which most elephants found. Elephants are known to live there from long time ago.

Flying Squad teams, the trained elephants and the mahouts, in Tesso Nilo National Park, Riau Indonesia.

The Elephants Living in Asia and Africa

After you have found that Africa and Asia are the origins of elephants, you will find more about where do elephants live. There are 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa where the elephants find to live there. However, there are quite various areas with different characteristics in which the elephants found live there. Those area include dense forest, open and closed savanna and grasslands. Arid dessert in Namibia and Mali is also another type of area where the elephants are found that also answers the question of where do elephants live in the wild. On the other hand, the Asian elephants are found to live in quite different areas like scrub forest and rainforest in India.

However, another important thing about where those elephant live is that each area come with specific category that tell you more about the number of elephant live in Asia and Africa. You will soon find that Asia is the one that known to be the elephant living place with endangered location since there are more elephant to hunt than in Africa that comes with more fields. Further explanation about elephant above will be very helpful for you to get further information about where do elephants live that will tell you more about elephants.


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