African Elephants: Getting Closer to Where Do Elephants Live

Do you know where do elephants live? The habitat of elephants depends on the region they come from. If the elephants are African elephants, they must live in Africa. The population of elephants, which nowadays begins to be reduced, makes people wonder what kind of animal the elephants are. Some might be curious about the habitat of African elephants.

African Elephant Species and Its Physical Appearance

Before finding out more about the answer of where do elephants live, it is better to know first about African elephants. These animals are categorized in the subspecies of Loxodonta africana, which are L.A. Africana or can be simply known as South African bush elephants, L.A. Knochenhaueri or East African bush elephants and L.A. Oxyotis as West African bush elephants. Moreover, there is a further discovery that the L.A. Cylotis as African forest elephants are not included in the bush elephants.

As seen in the geographic location, weight, length, and tusk, there are two subspecies which are believed to be different than others. Loxodonta Africana Cyclotis, known as forest elephants live in rain forests. Through the physical characteristic, they appear having more slender tusks, longer and mandible that are narrower. They also have round ears and smaller in height and weight instead of savannah elephants do. Where do elephants live?  Their living is mostly found in grasslands. Meanwhile, bush and forest elephants are in the same subspecies of Loxodanta Africana. African elephants are considered as heaviest land animals and become the second tallest animal in the world. Male elephants have a 12-14 feet height and weight up to 7 tons, which is different from females that appear smaller. These animals have large ears in which the size almost covers their own shoulders. They also have a unique long nose and a trunk, boneless to the lip’s upper part. Their trunk length is around 150 cm and weighs around 300 pounds. These elephant teeth develop into tusks which grow throughout the animal’s life. The tusk can grow up to 8 feet long (245-250 cm).  The skin color of these animals is dark gray and is being scattered with black hairs. Their skins are very thick about 2.5 inches so that flies and mosquitoes are sometimes being parasites so that the elephants could be discomfort. Elephants are also known having a smart brain so that often being shown in the circus or animal performance. This relates to be curious where do elephants live for kids

African Elephant Habitat

Where do elephants live? African elephants, as seen in the history, are found in South of Sahara Desert until the South tip of Africa. They are also found in the Africa Atlantic coast to the East Indian Ocean. Their population becomes extinct so that they are protected under national parks and animal reservation.

Where do elephants live? African elephants have various habitats such as forest, grassland, mountainous and desert. They are often found in African Continent in the southern part of the Sahara. Because of their species, which are included in herbivores, they can eat grass or fruits around 150 to 300 pounds every day. Despite of their big sizes, they need food and water much more than the other animals and this case indirectly impact to the environment.


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